Is this on your to-do list?

Dear Fishburne Family and Friends

Did you know that October 19th through 25th is National Estate Planning Awareness Week? This week was adopted by the National Association of Estate Planners back in 2008, and for the past 12 years has been used to educate people about the importance of having their estate plans in place.

In partnership with FreeWill, Fishburne Military School is proud to offer our families, friends, alumni, faculty, and staff a free, online resource you can use to create a will in 20 minutes or less, and take care of those you love the most. We’ve been working with FreeWill for a couple months, and since then, so many people have used it to write their will and check an important item off their to-do lists.

Because this week is about estate planning education, we want to address some common misconceptions about writing a will that may be preventing you from starting your plans today:

  • It’s too early for me to think about my will!  It is NEVER too early to start planning ahead. Whether you are eighteen or eighty, having a will can give you peace of mind that your wishes and loved ones are taken care of, no matter what.
  •  I wrote my will 20 years ago, so I’m set!  Things have changed in the past 20 years, let alone the past 6 months. Have you acquired property? Do you have children? Life changes fast, so it is recommended that your will is updated every five years to account for these events.
  • Estate Planning is always so expensive!  This is generally the case, but with FreeWill, writing a will can be free and completed in 20 minutes or less. And if you would prefer to finalize your wishes with an attorney, use FreeWill to create a list of documented wishes to give yourself a head start and save time at the lawyer’s office. Start my will today!

On behalf of Fishburne Military School, we are proud to have you as a part of our community, and because of that, we want to make it easier for you to take care of yourself, and your loved ones. I hope you take advantage of this resource to bring yourself closer to the people in your life.


Nicholas Mihailoff

Institutional Advancement/Director of Development

Fishburne Military School

(540) 946-7700, Ext. 119