Hello Fishburne Family!

We hope you and yours are safe and healthy.

With a collection of pledges, call sheets and verbal commitments still making their way to us, here are the results of our first ever Day of Giving as of today:

  • 800+ alumni were contacted
  • $30,000+ was raised
  • 125+ addresses and notes on alums were verified and or updated
  • Campus callers have volunteered again for next year

We see our Day of Giving becoming the one time throughout the year that if everyone does a little something, it makes a big difference for everyone.

On behalf of the corps of cadets, Capt. Black, faculty, staff, parents, coaches and administration here at Fishburne, thank you so very much for participating last Saturday.

Have a great week, stay safe, and let us know how you’re doing.


Nicholas Mihailoff

Director of Development/Institutional Advancement

Fishburne Military School

225 South Wayne Avenue

Waynesboro, VA 22980

(540) 946-7700 ext 119