AW19 Online Registration Instructions

As you know, online registration for Alumni Weekend 2019 is up and running! We understand not everyone is familiar with the format, so here are step-by-step instructions for anyone needing a little assistance with registering. Remember, even if you are not attending events that require payment, please still register so we are ready for your visit!


First, click this link to go to the registration page:

You will come to the following page:








Simply scroll down the page to make your selections of events. REMEMBER, if you are not attending paid events, please find the “REGISTER” line and select how many you are registering. This helps tremendously!












After making your selections, scroll down to this section:

Here you will enter your billing and payment information, if any 








You’re almost there! Continue to scroll down to fill in each guest’s information:







Finally, click the green REGISTER button, and you’re all set! We look forward to seeing you at Alumni Weekend 2019!